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Prof. Dr. Haluk Recai ÜNALP (eng)

haluk recai ünalp


Professorc Haluk Recai Ünalpcurrently is OBEST CLİNİC . , PrevioustothisDrÜnalpwasworking as Chief of İzmir UniversityandHead of Department of General SurgeryClinic. AssocProfessorMD , İzmir Atatürk Training andResearchHospital, 2008 İzmir Universityhead of department of general surgery,


He is working as a professor in Avrasya University, Trabzon.  He wasworking as a chief of surgeryclinic in İzmir University , İzmir 2012-2013. He wasworking as a General Surgeon at the İzmir Atatürk Training andResearchHospitalfrom 2002 to 2011 and as a surgeonand MD of Ortaca PublicHospitalfrom 1999 to 2002, in additionto his roles of surgeonand MD of Oltu PublicHospitalbetweentheyears of 1996 to 1999. Assoc. ProfessorÜnalpcompleted his MD specialistdegreeandbachelordegree in General Surgery at Gülhane MilitaryMedicalFaculty / Ankara, Turkey in 1990-1994 and 1987. EducationMedicalFaculty MD., 1987 His specificteachingandresearchinterestsare in theareas of surgery of Oncologyandobesity. He has alsopublished 34 refereedarticles in journalscoveredby SCI and SCI-Extended. 2012 ResearchInterestsOncologyandobesitycare Courses Taught General SurgeryContact